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Antifreeze additive in concrete. Ready to eat. Allows work at low temperatures. Has a plasticizing effect - simplifies the application of the mixture. Accelerates hardening and strength gain at positive temperatures. Reduces cracking. Does not cause formation of efflorescence and corrosion of reinforcement. Has a neutral odor. For interior and exterior use. Environmentally friendly product.

Technical description:

Type of material:

Antifreeze additive in concrete : modifying additive for cement-sand unmodified mortars and concretes.


Water, complex salts of inorganic substances, plasticizer, preservative.




Approximately 1.0 g / cm3.


Add the agent to the mortar or concrete according to the instructions.


It is used to lower the freezing point of concrete and unmodified cement mortars, which allows work at temperatures down to -15 ° C. At positive (above + 5 ± 2 ° C) temperatures, it is used as an accelerator of hardening and strength development.


The substrate must be strong, dry, clean and capable of bearing the load. In cold weather, the base should not be covered with ice or frost.

Operating procedure:

Attention! The additive must not be added directly to the dry mixture.

Mixing preparation: The required amount of additive (see consumption) is mixed with mixing water until the required amount of mixing liquid is obtained. The mixing liquid is introduced into the mortar mixture during stirring. When preparing the mixing liquid, use warm water; when preparing mortar mixture, it is necessary to use warm aggregates. The recommended temperature of the concrete or mortar mixture when applied at negative temperatures is not less than + 25 ° С.

It is recommended to cover freshly laid concrete, or mortar, with heat-insulating materials, and, if possible, to organize additional heating. At the end of the work, the concrete surface should be covered with a layer of waterproofing material (roofing material, polyethylene film, etc.).

Cleaning tools:

Wash immediately after use with water and detergents.


For 100 kg of cement / 400 kg of dry mix (with a cement content of 25% by weight of the mix:

Antifreeze additive in concrete - Antifrost Beton

10 Liters
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