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Matt water-borne polyurethane varnish. Transparent. Resistant to abrasion. Without smell. Solvent free.

Technical description:

Type of material:

Water-borne, polyurethane, especially abrasion-resistant varnish for parquet.



Gloss level:



Water, polyurethane dispersion, functional additives, preservative.


1 g / m3 .


By brush, roller, spray (nozzle 1.5 mm, pressure 3.5 bar), airless spray (nozzle 0.279 mm, pressure 160 bar)


For covering parquet and plank flooring, wood cladding of walls and ceilings, doors, wood furniture. Forms glossy or matte finishes.


Parquet varnish based on aqueous polyurethane dispersion. Gives wooden surfaces a beautiful decorative look, forms a durable moisture-resistant and wear-resistant coating. Has a high drying rate, which makes it possible to paint the surface in 2-3 layers in one day.


Substrates must be dry and clean. It is recommended to grind or cycle the surface before applying varnish.


Stir the varnish thoroughly and apply with a brush or spray on the surface in 2-3 layers.

For the best effect, it is imperative to sand the coating between coats.

Drying time:

Drying time between coats at + 20 ° C and 65% relative humidity is no more than 2-3 hours, actual curing after 8 hours. Full cure -7 days.

Cleaning tools:

Immediately after use.


Store in a cool, dry place, protected from frost. Well sealed original packaging has a shelf life of 1 year.


1 l, 2.5 l, 10 l.


8-12 m2 / l, about 100 g / m2, depending on the application and absorbency of the wood. The most reliable method of accurately establishing the flow rate is a test painting.

Processing temperature:

+ 10 ° C minimum for substrate and atmosphere during application and drying .


Please observe the following safety precautions:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not breathe spray vapors. It is good to ventilate the room during, as well as after processing. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with water. Do not empty into drains, water reservoirs or onto the ground.


According to local regulations.

Matt parquet lacquer - Parketlack

1 Liter
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