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Acrylic paint for interior use. Resistant to abrasion.

Usage technology:

1 layer - Grund

2nd layer - Dispersion paint

Technical description:

Type of material

Water-based acrylic paint for interior work, for painting walls and ceilings with low operational load. Possesses good hiding power, forms a coating resistant to light wet cleaning.


Water, acrylic dispersion, titanium dioxide, fillers, additives, preservative.



Gloss level:



1.7 g / cm3


By brush, roller, air spray (nozzle 0.026-0.031 Zoll = 0.66-0.79 mm, pressure 6-8 atm, spray angle 40-80 °)


It is used for interior work on all mineral substrates, for example, wallpaper for painting, plaster, gypsum, concrete, asbestos-cement, aerated concrete, ready-made gypsum plasters, gypsum plasterboards, cardboard, paper, etc.


Possesses diffusion, good hiding power and filling ability, forms a coating resistant to light wet processing. Multiple repairs are possible, without washing off the previous layer.


The substrate must be strong, dry, clean and capable of bearing the load, suitably professionally prepared. For substrates in the form of durable paint, as a rule, preliminary preparation (primer) is not required.

Application procedure:

First coat: Meister Gut Malerweiss can be thinned with water up to 10%.

Final coat: Do not thin the paint if possible.

Tinting: Base A, B


Approximately 150 g / m2, depending on the substrate, the most reliable method of accurately determining the consumption is a test painting.


Shelf life in the original packaging of the manufacturer is 12 months. Do not freeze!


1 kg, 4 kg, 15 kg, 25 kg

Drying time

At a temperature of + 20 ° C, a secondary painting can be carried out on the same day. At lower temperatures the drying time is correspondingly longer.

Processing temperature:

+ 5 ° C minimum for substrate and atmosphere during processing and drying.


According to local regulations.

Acrylic water-dispersive paint. Malerweiss

1 Kilogram
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